Saturday, 18 September 2010

An introduction to the Corsican Countryside...

Lesson 1:
When the shepherd opens the gate to the field, the sheep will follow the sheepdog. Don't let the dogs jump up at you because the sheep will follow! Every single bit of clothing I was wearing (including my socks) is now covered in mud and sheep muck!

Lesson 2:
When you're trying to drive down a country lane and there is a herd of cows being moved, it's not a good idea to try to gently nudge them out of the way with the car. I have never seen projectile pee'ing before, but it certainly washed the dust off the bonnet (and the windscreen!). Thank God they didn't panic...

Lesson 3:
When you’re out walking and you see a 4x4 that you don’t recognize reversing up the road, there is probably an interesting story to follow. We watched as they turned into the field and started to herd the sheep. We continued to watch as they opened the gate and all the sheep and the dog shot off down the road, and the 4x4 followed lazily behind. We thought it was odd that the shepherd wasn’t there joining in, but a few minutes later we saw him and stopped for a chat. With hindsight, we probably should have mentioned all the sheep related excitement earlier because when we asked where the sheep had gone too, he replied with a panic-stricken ‘what do you mean they are gone??!’ and shot off after them. First time I have been witness to a spot of sheep rustling!

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