Sunday, 19 September 2010

The Corsican sense of humour

So last Sunday I found myself at Ajaccio airport waiting for a slightly delayed flight to arrive so that I could say ‘au revoir’ to various family members, and ‘bienvenue’ to some friends that I haven’t seen for far too long. As I had some time to kill, I soon found myself in the gift shop, giggling like a schoolgirl at the new series of postcards by BROUTCH.

Find the walker who woke Doumé up during his siesta

The series centres around ‘Doumé’, your stereotypical rural Corsican, and pokes fun at life in Corsica much along the lines of ‘l’Enquete Corse’ which is a must-read for anyone who knows the island well!

An intruder has infiltrated Doumé’s herd
can you find him?

According to their website, creating this collection was based on two assumptions:
   - You can laugh at Corsica and the Corsicans.
   - The Corsicans have a sense of humour

For the first is easy (especially when you have no second home on the Island of Beauty!), but for the latter, it’s necessary to live on the island.

Recycling Corsican style

However, it was slightly dangerous because, apparently, among the Corsicans the laughter gland is very close to that of irritability…

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