Saturday, 18 September 2010

Restaurant l’Oasis, Propriano

Today was a funny day. It started off really hot but slightly overcast, but as often happens in Corsica, it wasn’t long before the sun made an appearance.

We really fancied a beachside restaurant but couldn’t be bothered to drive round the bay to La Crique or the paillote at the Roc e Mar, so we headed down to the Bar l’Oasis at the far end of the town. At this time of year not so many people venture down this far, so it was far less busy than the restaurants in the town and we managed to find a nice table right next to the sand.

I’ve only ever had salads here before, but when the other dishes of Caramelised pork kebabs and huge wood baked pizzas arrived, I realised that I had seriously underestimated this place! Goodness knows how I managed to resists the Tiramisu!

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