Saturday, 25 September 2010

Restaurant Chez Doumé, Calvi

There’s always one who wants something different to everyone else (you know who you are!), so having scoured Calvi for a menu with a nice bit of lamb on it, we finally settled on Chez Doumé in the rue Clemenceau which is overlooked by the impressive Eglise Santa Maria.

I have never eaten here before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was absolutely delicious. I chose the set menu for 19.50 euros which had loads of choices including Corsican specialities such as charcuterie (yum) and Sanglier (wild boar in a delicious sauce served with tagliatelli – double yum!).

During the main course, we could see a busker on the steps of the church who proceeded to serenade us with various French and Corsican songs. We were sitting right on the edge so it was a bit loud, but the funniest thing was the baby who screamed every time he walked towards us! I know it’s mean, but once he started his rendition of ‘Help’ by the Beatles (or ‘elp as he was pronouncing it!), we just couldn’t ‘elp thinking of Inspector Cluseau which caused riotous laughter!!

Thanks to Sam who managed to capture the moment on film (I was too embarrassed for once!)

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