Sunday, 1 November 2009

Le Petit Déjeuner

Sunday morning breakfast is when I find that I am most French in my habits. You can forget the All-Bran, it has to be good strong coffee, fruit juice and toast and jam, or ‘tartine’ if you want to give it the posh/French name. OK, so I hadn’t ironed the tablecloth, but the important ingredients were there!

This morning I was extra lucky as I’d been given a jar of home-made Fragola jam after a recent visit to the mill. Fragola jam is rather unusual as it is made from a type of grape, but actually tastes of strawberries – very strange! Apparently it is also delicious as a jelly, sorbet and of course most importantly as a wine...

I’d never heard of Fragola before, but apparently they are also known as Concorde grapes, although I like the more romantic sounding Fragola!

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