Sunday, 1 November 2009

Toussaints (All Saint’s Day), 1 November

1st November is Toussaint when all the Corsicans head to the cemetery to clean the graves of their nearest and dearest, and leave over-priced crysanthemums. Not being Corsican and having the good fortune to have broken my computer the night before, I knew I could pop along to the beach and find it almost deserted.

So after negotiating the traffic jam to get past the cemetery, I found myself at one of the beaches of Cappiciolo. The weather was amazing considering it was the 1st November – hot and sunny enough to sunbathe properly in a bikini! After a snooze on the sand and a chapter or two of Agatha Christie, I was even tempted to put my feet in the water. I’d expected it to be glacial but it wasn’t nearly anywhere near as cold as I’d expected.

I’d forgotten my rock shoes, but at this time of year the rocks aren’t slippery so I clambered across. The rocks in the sun were warm to the touch and those in the shade were freezing – the only reminder that this is actually autumn.

All too soon it was time to leave but I was glad I’d made the most of the sun as today we had rainbows...

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