Saturday, 31 October 2009

Halloween in Corsica

Halloween is my favourite holiday and I am always disappointed that they don’t make much of an effort in Corsica, but amazingly Halloween has only been celebrated in France since 1982. It’d be great to see people decorating their houses and kids out trick or treating, but there was only one monster child in evidence...

It was in Corsica that I bought my most exciting decorations; creepy pumpkin lights, a cardboard mummy and a life-size Dracula that looked so much like Franck, that people in the office used to start speaking to it without realising!

They’d better watch out next year as I’ve already planned my decorations for 2010 (above) so this should be enough to get them into the ‘spirit’ of the thing - pardon the pun. If we hang that in the trees where we live, we’ll need a defibrillator on hand for the old folks!

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