Saturday, 14 November 2009

Restaurant Terra Cotta, Propriano

Last night we decided to treat ourselves and go to Terra Cotta. This restaurant is one of the best in Propriano in my opinion, and you always eat well, but don’t expect your wallet to be as full as your stomach when you leave!

We decided to go for the ‘Menu Découverte’ which is basically a selection of their larger dishes in smaller portions. Each menu offers 4 or 5 courses including dessert so we decided to take one of each of the different menus so that we could try everything.

I went for the four course fish menu which started with Gambas in a delicious sauce served with spinach, followed by a huge Noix de Saint Jacques (scallop) in a delicate apple sauce with apple shavings. The meat based menu included a generous portion of Foie Gras but that’s too rich for me and my conscience won’t let me eat it either.

Everything was so beautifully presented that it almost seemed a shame to eat it, but the delicious smells were making my mouth water as each dish arrived. The main course was Denti, a meaty white fish served with a spicy puree and vegetable crisp. The meat menu included a ‘beef wellington’ style dish will a huge chunk of filet.

Each dish was a work of art which is how we ended up taking so many photos. In fact, at one point the waiter asked us if we were indulging in a spot of espionage, which is not as silly as it sounds when you know that their chef defected to another restaurant not so long ago, taking a number of the signature dishes which are now available at Riva Bella for half the price...

Finally it was time for dessert and I realised how expertly the portions had been judged. My menu included a tangy pineapple and mango combination topped with cream which was just right.

The others chose a chocolate fondant with ice cream and the unusual but super tasty Chestnut Vermicelli (sweet spaghetti made with chestnut flour). I was so intrigued by the vermicelli that I had to taste for myself, so I tried to snag a bit with the little stick, but only succeeded in flicking it onto the bloke at the next table. Oops.

So, after another delicious dinner, we found ourselves in the car park at midnight practicing yoga movements for my ongoing back problem. Luckily it was dark so hopefully anyone watching wouldn’t be able to identify us!!

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