Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Bocca Fina – produits de terroir

Tomorrow I am due to leave the Corsican sunshine behind and head back to England for Christmas. Whenever I make the journey by car, I always have a list of ‘must-haves’ to bring; cheesecake mixes, Christmas puddings and brown sauce for my Corsican neighbours, and wine, jams and various pates and terrines for the English.

As usual, I’d left my shopping until the last minute so I headed down to Bocca Fina on the Rue Pêcheurs.

OK, so I know I’d get the basics cheaper in the supermarket, but I love this little shop with its old fashioned painting of Corsica on the wall outside, and many jars and bottles of goodies as well as biscuits and artisanal food and drinks inside.

I settled on a few jars of Terrine de Sanglier à l’eau de vie (wild boar pâté) and some Pâté de Sansonnet aux myrtes (blackbird pâté) as well as a few others. The problem is that I am always tempted by too many things...

It was when I came out of Bocca Fina that it suddendly struck me how many decorative anchors there are in Propriano (and I don't mean the ones in the bank or on the road - that's a different spelling!!).

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