Sunday, 15 November 2009


Before I discovered the little creeks of Cappiciolo, Abbartello was my favourite place to sunbathe. Another series of little coves, there are lots of little hidey holes where you can pop your towel down and hardly see another soul.

The most picturesque section has been adpoted by the three restaurants here; Le Crique, U Farniente and another one I must admit that I can’t remember the name of! A little further along is a nice big stretch of sand with a with a huge granite rock right in the middle. There is a hole where you can see right through and I couldn’t resist trying to climb in!

There was a strange woman above the beach watching my every move which was a bit disconcerting, until I realised that I was doing pretty much the same thing, so in the end I decided to move along to the next section. I followed the little pathway through the long grasses, pampas and tiny purple and yellow flowers to the next section where there are normally huge great granite boulders

It was then that the most bizarre thing happened and I came across a new beach. Yes, the recent storms and strong winds must have actually cleared a lot of the rocks from the beach and there was now a nice sandy cove where previously it was almost impossible to pass without leaping from rock to rock.

In the true tradition of adventurers and explorers, I decided to name this previous undiscovered section ‘Plage Chall’ and I shall be writing to the Michelin map people to let them know!

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