Saturday, 2 October 2010

Vitricella Plage

I’m slightly obsessed with temperatures (even to the extent that I chose my current car model because it has the best temperature gauge!), so once the thermometer on the balcony hit 27 degrees, and I had finished all my urgent work, I decided that it was time to go to the beach...

I didn’t fancy the town beaches so I decided to take a drive round the bay to Vitricella. This is another of my favourite spots out of season. During the summer, it’s popular with small children because the collection of little coves are so shallow.

At this time of year there was hardly a soul so I found myself a gorgeous spot right at the waters edge. I had fully intended to finish my book, but the sun and warm breeze were so lovely that I found myself having 40 winks.

What I particularly love here are the colours; the red hued rocks against the golden sand which gives turns the water all shades of turquoise from blue almost to green, all with the backdrop of the velvety green hills of Baracci – what more could you want?

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