Sunday, 17 October 2010

Plage de Cupabaia

Despite my love of cute baby animals, I draw the line at cows which is probably why I tend to avoid Cupabaia outside of the summer season because there is a resident herd that live on the beach – only in Corsica!

Cupabaia is a huge stretch of fine golden sand backed by dunes, so it can be a killer tramping along the beach so I generally find myself a nice spot close to the water and the car park. However, today we had other plans and headed to the far end by the rocks.

Although the beach was virtually deserted, the one spot that I wanted for the best photos was already occupied by a gaggle of fashion-challenged tourists in speedos and some very fetching swimming caps. Lovely!

It was amazingly warm for mid-October and even I was tempted into the water (that doesn’t happen often because the water has to be like a bath for me to venture in) but there was hardly a ripple and only a very light warm breeze – absolute bliss.

After a couple of hours, we decided it was time to start the more energetic phase of the afternoon’s activities and find the path leading up to the Genoese tower. We’d interrogated a couple of slightly unfit looking walkers, so we knew roughly that the path started behind the rocks.

We also found a random dog as often happens, and I now have a gammy elbow to match my gammy knee where I was guilt tripped into flinging half a tree branch for it to ‘fetch’.

The path wound along the coast and up into the maquis so we had some fabulous views down over the beach. Sadly, we took a wrong turn and ended up miles from our destination, trespassing through a residence at Serra di Ferro! A gappy-toothed local did give us some directions, but in the end we had to admit defeat and head back down the way we’d come, just in time for a spectacular view of a sailing boat in the bay.

My first attempt was ruined by the ‘Mafioso’ wannabe sitting on the beach fully clothed in his back dress trousers, black shirt and obligatory sunglasses (in the dark), but luckily he got the hint and moved eventually!

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