Thursday, 14 October 2010

Sunset over the Plage d'Arena Bianca

In Corsica, the police don’t seem to have a lot to occupy their time because whatever you ring then for, they ask ‘is anyone hurt?’ and if you say no, they don’t come! Tonight, these seemed more interested in what I was doing with a paparazzi camera than the bloke doing an illegal u-turn right in front of their van without his seatbelt on!

Of course, the simple answer was that it was such a fabulous evening, that I was taking photos of the sunset. I wasn’t the only one enjoying the moment and I have to admit that these two had chosen a plumb spot to watch the sun sink behind the hills. All together now, ahhh!

I hadn’t really taken much notice before, but once the sun starts to set, it really disappears very quickly, so it wasn’t long before I was heading back to the car and my woolly jumper. BBRR!

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