Thursday, 7 October 2010

Plage de Capoloroso

One of the great things about October is that most of the summer visitors have gone home (they don’t know what they are missing), so on days like today, you can nearly always find a spot of beach to yourself.

Well, when I say to yourself, you do have to share with the local wildlife, but as that consists mainly of cormorants sunning themselves on the rocks and various little fishes swimming around your legs, that’s not really a hardship.

During the winter, this is the stretch of beach that I normally torture myself with because you can extend a perfectly good walking circuit with about 1km of ‘escalade’ (up and over the rocks) and sand walking which is an absolute killer!

Today my activities were vastly less energetic as it really doesn’t take much effort to lay on the sand and soak up the rays and then paddle your feet from time to time. Ah, the joys of autumn in Corsica!

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