Sunday, 10 October 2010

Plage du phare

I don’t often come to the Plage du Phare which is silly because it one of the easiest beaches to get to by car as you virtually park on the sand!

Today I was actually in the town to run a few errands, but the weather was so glorious that since I always have a camera in my car, it wasn’t long before I found myself wandering down to the beach at the bottom of the main street

The water was as flat as a mill pond and hardly a ripple, but it was the colours that really caught my attention. This section has a huge stretch of sand leading up to the Lido, but I like the little bit near the lighthouse where there are all sorts of interesting rocks.

Last time I was here I nearly fell off the retaining wall trying to take photos from above in the wind, so it was a bit of a relief to see that the local commune have tried to save me from myself (either that or some daredevils have been riding motorbikes along there!) by cementing rocks right along the middle of the wall.

This didn’t stop me of course, because the shot that I really wanted was looking out over the harbour towards the huge stretch of sand at Baracci, and the red-hued mountains at Martini beyond. For me, this just about sums up the Valinco.

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