Saturday, 23 October 2010

Marinca Plage

When I went out walking this morning in my scarf and gloves, who would have thought that by lunchtime I’d be skinny-dipping on the beach!

Of course I should have been packing as I had to leave at 3pm but as I am a hopeless packer and find the whole thing very stressful, I tend to prevaricate. Plus I knew that within a matter of hours I’d be wearing my thermals to cope with the change of climate, so it would have been rude not to take advantage of the warm autumnal sunshine.

I’d only intended to sit and read for a bit over lunchtime, but with no wind to speak of, it felt much warmer than the actual temperature of 18 degrees. At this time of year, the hotel above this stretch of beach is closed, so it is almost deserted which meant that I could swim and sunbathe undisturbed.

I was only there for just over an hour, but it’s amazing how relaxing it is just lying and listening to the water lapping the shore, so by the time I got back I felt fully motivated to pack – probably just as well as there was only an hour left by then!

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