Thursday, 27 May 2010

Pool safety in Corsica

Today was an absolute scorcher; no wind, boiling hot sunshine and not a cloud in the sky. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to sneak off to the beach, but now that the pools are open, I decided to treat myself to a refreshing dip at lunchtime.

It’s the law in Corsica that all pools must be fenced with a child-proof gate or alarm for greater child safety which is a great idea. However, I have never been able to decide whether I am right handed or left handed which means that I am completely hopeless with locks...

Amazingly, I managed to get in and as it’s still quite early in the season I had the place to myself, so I could amuse myself taking photos and indulging in a spot of undisturbed sunbathing while I dried off. It wasn’t until it was time to leave that I realised that I couldn’t get out!

In the end one of our neighbours had to come to my rescue – lucky he’d been eating outside otherwise he would never have heard me! Next time, I’ll skip the swim and just have my lunch on the balcony instead.

Today I decided to treat myself to a feast of Mortadella from Bologna, Corsican cheese, cornichons and some delicious Apple chutney with flame grilled tomato and garlic from good old Tescos – absolutely scrummy!

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