Wednesday, 26 May 2010

A cautionary tale...

Today was a little hazy, but as I had the whole day to myself to do just exactly what I pleased, I decided to head to the beach at Cappiciolo

It was very hot, but didn’t feel that sunny as the sky was covered in wispy clouds, but I know from experience that you can get caught out like that and burn very easily under cloud, so I lathered myself in sun cream and settled on the sand for a snooze.

I thought I was getting some strange looks in the supermarket, but it wasn’t until I got home that I realised there were a few bits I’d missed; a stripe on my forehead, a bright red left eye and nostril but worst was a sunburnt scar which is agonising.

Be warned people – the Corsican sun is very strong even through cloud, so you can easily get caught out even when you live here. Always use sun cream and don’t burn yourselves in the pursuit of a tan.

Little and often is the way to a bronzed sunkissed look (as opposed to a belisha beacon /fluorescent lobster colour which is not a good look for anyone!).

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