Saturday, 8 May 2010


It’s not often you see a bloke walking down the road in a full frogman outfit (complete with flippers), but that’s what happened to me on the way to Campomoro. Luckily, I didn’t have time to stop and investigate further as the sun was shining and I wanted to get to the beach

Every time I go to Campomoro I am surprised that I don’t come here more often as it’s just so beautiful. The beach stretches for miles and is so flat and shallow that it’s perfect for the little ones.

Today there was a little breeze which made tiny ripples in the sea, but it was the colours that caught my attention, especially as I got close to the jetty where the brightly painted fishing boats bobbed gently opposite the little speed boats

The Restaurant des Amis has probably the best views, looking out over the jetty ahead, and the huge sweep of golden sand to the right, but the terrace is shaded so it was actually the restaurants at the other end of the beach that were packed with people enjoying the warm afternoon sun while the children played on the sand.

I half considered walking up to the huge Genoese tower because it is one of the more fascinating examples and I could probably have done with the exercise after a scrummy lunch of gnocchi and salmon with a cheesy sauce, but the sun was so warm and enticing that in the end I gave in and found a nice spot to just sit and relax.

The beach here is amazingly shallow and slopes very gently down which gives the beach the appearance of stripes where the depths do finally change.

It also means that the water is warmed very quickly by the sun, so it wasn’t long before I found myself in the sea for the second time this year. Normally it has to be 30 degrees and water as warm as a bath before I’ll dip my toes!!


  1. i love corse!
    it's so great. I've been there 3times and its alwasy great. i miss it!

  2. Hi Sarah, It's always great to hear from fellow Corsophiles - hope you get back there soon!