Friday, 14 May 2010

Plage de Tonnara (Goèland Beach), Bonifacio

It was a bit overcast at Propriano today, so I decided to head down to Bonifacio in search of a bit of sun, a decent walk and some fab photos. I never quite made it to the old town because my attention was caught by the sign for Tonnara.

I have never visited the Plage de Tonnara – also known as the Goèland Beach – although I knew roughly where it was, so as the sun was shining, it seemed the perfect opportunity to explore. The rocks in this area are exceptionally red, which makes the sand and the sea an unusual colour too.

The sea was really shallow, dotted with rocks, and I thought I’d spotted a seal just off the coast of the big island, but it turned out to be a bloke in a wetsuit which was far less exciting! I also had the feeling I was being watched and it soon became clear that I was being stalked by a pair of evil looking seagulls.

Luckily the Corsican seagulls are nowhere near as aggressive as those on the south coast of England, but I decided to leave the sea behind and continue on to the ‘Phare de Pertusato’ which is lighthouse 4km along the limestone cliffs from Bonifacio.

There is a fabulous walk here through the maquis. The smell from the honeysuckle was gorgeous and I was amazed at the range of wildflowers. The flowers of the maquis are normally predominantly yellow, but here they are all shades of pink from almost white through to purple and red which I guess is probably to do with the limestone in the soil.

After a couple of kilometers, I started to see the familiar craters made by the Sangliers (wild boars). It is an isolated spot and at this time of year not many walkers so although a photo of a boar would have been fab for the blog, I am not keen on large animals, so decided it was time to head home.

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