Saturday, 24 October 2009

Beaches in October - Plage Casabianca

Living in Corsica, I am so used to being outdoors most of the time that on the odd occasion that the weather is bad, I get cabin fever if I'm cooped up for too long without a wet weather project to keep me occupied!

Today was just glorious; bright blue skies, sunshine and 25 degrees so there were quite a few people in the sea on the Plage du Phare, but after the recent wind I knew I’d have more luck foraging for shells and bits of driftwood along the Plage de Casabianca.

It is here that the river meets the sea, but at this time of year the riverbed is dry in places so you can walk across. However, the banks at the estuary are really steep and I had flashbacks from about 3 years ago when I nearly broke my leg trying to scramble down in my trusty flipflops (I still have the scars!) but luckily today I was wearing more sensible walking shoes, so I managed to complete the expedition without incident!

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