Saturday, 31 October 2009

Forêt de Vizzavona

Every time I drive through the Vizzavona Forest, I think to myself ‘this is the prettiest time of year’ and then a couple of months later when the seasons have changed and I drive through again, I think ‘no, this is the best time’ and so it goes on!

I’d planned to leave in plenty of time to have crossed the forest before it got dark, but I’d got carried away gossiping with Juliet so by the time I got to the Col de Vizzavona, night was falling. The forest and the mountains in silhouette were just as dramatic as during the day and I soon found myself tramping about in the woods taking photos in a linen skirt and sandals – not ideal!

It wasn’t until the mist started rolling across the road that I realised that the setting had the making of a scene from ‘The Blair Witch Project’. When I glanced up and saw that the moon was full (wrongly as it turned out), I was back in the car with the doors locked in a heartbeat!

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