Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Orange & Rosemary Chicken

When I brushed past the rosemary bushes in the garden on my way out this morning, the smell was so heavenly that I knew I had my inspiration for tonight’s dinner! I’m not keen on lamb – the obvious choice – but I do love strong citrus flavours, and rosemary goes so well with oranges...

For 2 people;
- The equivalent of 1 medium chicken breast per person, diced
- Half a small onion
- Rosemary sprigs
- 2 oranges
- 1 shot glass of Cap Corse (a local aperitif) or red Martini
- Splash of olive oil
- Splash of lemon juice

Peel the oranges and segment one of them, removing all the skin and white pith. With the other, remove a couple of segments and put to one side, then juice the remaining flesh. Heat the olive oil, rosemary and a bit of orange rind in a pan and sear the chicken before adding the onions, orange segments from the first orange. Mix well then add the orange juice, lemon juice and Cap Corse or Martini. Cook over a high heat to reduce.

I served mine with rice to which I’d added small pieces of broccoli, a couple of chopped segments from the second orange and the leaves from the rosemary springs.

A tangy winter warmer - bon appétit!

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