Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Campomoro - the price of a corner of paradise

If I hadn’t managed to find my ideal job in travel, an Estate Agency would have been my second choice, so when Guillaume suggested that we visit a villa in Campomoro this morning, I jumped at the chance.

The house we were visiting this morning was in the Domaine de la Tour, the quiet residential area beyond the village, dominated by the huge Genoese tower. We are occasionally contacted by people looking for houses to buy in Corsica so although this one was way out of my price range, it would still give me a good reason to be nosy!

We drove through the village, peaceful at this time of year except for the huge digger in the middle of the road and the workmen digging it up! Luckily a quick call to a ‘copain’ and nice man in a 4x4 came to ferry us up the hill. Within minutes of arriving, I’d discovered a kindred spirit in the current owner, fallen in love with the garden and made a new friend.

The house itself was nice, but position was fabulous and I have never seen such an amazing view over the bay.

I also loved the little space at the back that they had turned into an office-cum-art room where all their various shells, and craft beads and baubles were neatly arranged in rows according to colour – these were clearly people after my own heart (perhaps with a touch of OCD thrown in!).

We had a good poke around and a nice chat with the owners before making our way back down to the village. I was surprised to see quite a few families out and about, but then it is half term so I suppose it’s not really that surprising after all, especially given the beautiful weather.

Campomoro has such a gently shelving beach that the water is warm enough to swim even at the end of November – bliss on a stick. If only I had a spare £845k...

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