Friday, 14 August 2009


From Soccia to Corte, the easiest route is through Vico and then up through to the Forêt d’Aitone. We knew we’d want to stop en route for lots of photo opportunities, so we were on the road before 8am.

We’d smelled the warm croissants as we left the hotel, but at 7.50€ per person we thought it was a bit expensive as we only wanted a coffee and a pastry, so we decided to stop in Vico for a spot of breakfast.

We parked in front of the church which was surrounded by colourful oleander bushes, making a lovely contrast against the clear blue skies. We walked down through the village past some brightly coloured houses to the unusual war memorial before stopping for coffee on the square.

It’s a good job that I'd dusted off my Italian language CD recently, as Vico is very old school and the patron told me how much the coffees were in Corsu – the Corsican language, rather than French. Luckily ‘two’ – due - is the same in Corsican and Italian, so despite his heavy accent we were OK!

A couple of Pain au Chocolat from the patisserie and we were on our way again.

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