Sunday, 16 August 2009

15 August Celebrations / Fireworks

This weekend is the 15th August which is the largest ‘fete’ in Corsica, and celebrated all over the island. The events are carefully co-ordinated so they don’t clash, and everyone can see as many as possible. At 11pm, the harbour lights were turned off, and the fireworks started. What a superb display. They were much better than I’d remembered from last year, and this year they were also set to music which added to the festive atmosphere.

After the main display, the fireworks started again across the bay and I could make out the glittering colours illuminating the inky water of the bay from my balcony. The Corsicans really go ‘all-out’ for the 15th August and although Propriano did a great job this year, the most impressive I think have ever seen was the fireworks and laser light show over the Citadel in Calvi.

The Calvi display is perhaps the most popular on the island, and each year attracts approximately 50,000 people, so you are best to do what we did and choose a property which has a terrace facing the show!

Each year they have a different theme and it is one of the best ‘son et lumière’ shows I have seen for a long time.

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