Friday, 14 August 2009

Calacuccia & the Col di Verghio

The Col di Verghio is one of the points along the GR20 which is a gruelling hike across the island, but it is also a pretty spot to stop and enjoy a picnic on the grass amongst the pine trees and wonder why people put themselves through that!

There are a number of marked walks from the Col, including tracks to bergeries and refuges where walkers on the longer routes can stay the night. Today there were people milling all over the place – it is August after all – so we decided to stay just long enough to take some photos of the view and also the statue.

Unsurprisingly with a name like the Col di Verghio, the statue represents the Virgin Mary and bears the inscription ‘As I loved you, love yourselves, one and another’. It is absolutely huge.

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