Friday, 14 August 2009

Forêt d’Aitone

We hadn’t actually planned to stop in the Forêt d’Aitone as I’d been walking there quite recently, but as we drove up through the forest of tall pines, it was just so beautiful that we had to stop.

We’d chosen a spot with huge granite plates of rock, so that we could scramble across. Of course it wasn’t until we’d been there about an hour that I realised that I still had my flipflops on instead of my walking shoes – not exactly the most practical footware for rock climbing!

The scenery in this area really reminded me of Bavella rather than the other areas of the forest I’ve previously explored, and as we clambered down over the huge boulders, we were treated to a view of the red-hued rocks of Piana and Porto in the distance.

Below the boulders, we discovered a huge taffoni which is a rock sculpted by the wind which normally resembles a cave. This one was really unusual because of the number of smooth deep holes in the rocks which almost looked like cubbyholes.

I wanted to take a photo of the view from under the taffoni, but I’ve obviously watched too many horror movies as I was terrified that there were bats living inside the holes that would fly out at me!

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