Friday, 31 July 2009

Walking in Corsica - Sentier du Littoral, Campomoro

Now that July is here, and August is just around the corner, it gets a bit too hot to do a full day hike, so this morning we decided to leave early, and by 8:30am we were heading down behind the tower at Campomoro to the Sentier du Littoral.

Last time I walked this route I headed north from I Pozzi towards Capo Bianco, so this time we headed south towards Conca. I’d read that there are some huge, animal shaped rock formations along this stretch, but although we saw some stunning wild coastline, I’m not sure that we ventured far enough to see the best of this walk. We did manage to capture what looked like the face of an old man staring out to sea (think Mr Punch with the sun shining on his left ear).

The walk itself was lovely. We picked our way through the maquis, stopping from time to time to take photos or admire the view. We came across a surprising number of people taking an early stroll, and I could quite happily have stayed all morning. The sun was in the perfect position for taking photos of the rocks and I was fascinated by the holes where the wind has managed to pierce the granite.

In the distance, my hawk eyes picked out the reflection of a camera lens on top of the rocks, so although I couldn’t actually see any people, I suspected there was a fab shot to be taken. I am perfectly prepared to suffer for my art, so despite the heat I found myself scrambling up and over the rocks, but what a beautiful sight.

I was disappointed when the first yacht passed before I’d had a chance to steady my footing and snap off a few shots, but luckily it was such a glorious day that it wasn’t long before another boat picked up on my telepathy and positioned itself perfectly – merci!

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