Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Plage de Baracci

We don’t often go to Baracci which is a shame because every time we do, I am reminded how lovely it is. The beach does shelve quite steeply in places, but today there was no wind and the water was as warm as a bath (even at 8:30am), so we waded out and dunked ourselves before settling onto the sand.

This morning was destined to be one of excitement; horses wandered along the back of the beach before a quick canter through the water, jet-skis whizzed across the bay, and a huge yacht moored itself in the middle of the bay surrounded by colourful sailing boats.

A new sailing school seems to have sprung up since my last visit, and we watched as a number of the novices made their maiden voyage under the watchful eye of the tutor and safety boat. However, the highlight for me was when I thought I’d spotted a seal and her cub, but sadly it turned out to be a rather portly bloke and his son scuba diving!

Despite all the activity, we had a huge stretch of beach all to ourselves which is amazing when you think that it is almost August and the height of the holiday season…

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