Monday, 13 July 2009

Banks in Corsica

Banks in Corsica are air conditioned buildings full of smiling helpful people, unless of course you want any money (even your own!). Today I had to make a withdrawal of cash larger than the amount allowed from the cash machine, so I joined the lengthy queue inside.

ME (in French): Hello, I’d like to make a withdrawal please
Société Générale (bank) : OK, do you have your account details?
ME: Yes
SG: Do you have some identity?
ME: Yes
SG: How much do you want to withdraw?
ME: 1000 euros
SG: Sorry, you can’t have it today because we don’t have enough money here
ME: But the man in front of me paid in lots of cash – certainly more than 1000 euros
SG: Yes, but you can’t have that
ME: Why?
SG: Because we need it for the counter. In case someone wants to make a withdrawal
ME: But I want to make a withdrawal!
SG: Yes, but you can’t
ME: Why not?
SG: Because you didn’t ask in advance. We didn’t know that man would pay in any cash
ME: Yes, but he did, so can I have it?
SG: No. Come back tomorrow

Arrrgghhhh!!!! Now I know why everyone here owns a shotgun!

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