Thursday, 23 July 2009

Porto Pollo

If ever there was anywhere less deserving of its name, Porto Pollo is it! Known locally as Porti Poddu – literally meaning troubled port – this little village is a real haven of peace and tranquility outside of July and August, and even the sea is calmer and shallower here than in most areas.

I was looking for a quiet spot to relax and read my book for an hour, so I chose the end furthest from the port. This section is backed by pretty flowers that grow almost anywhere and are known as witches fingers because they have 5 succulent leaves that look like an upturned hand with pointy green fingers holding a flower!

There were lots of families with tiny tots as the water is really shallow so you can often paddle here even when it’s too chilly elsewhere. We also discovered that this is one of the best places for sand castles, although they weren't quite in the same league as the Sphinx and Pyramids we'd seen at Roccapina!

Each year at Easter there is a fair of the type we’re used to in the UK (rather than the food based Corsican versions) with a bouncy castle, games, dodgems and all sorts of exciting stuff. I completely forgot this year, but last year we all had a great time rounded off with yummy Nutella crêpes that we eat on the beach. Roll on Easter 2010…

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