Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Walking with Donkeys

Have you ever gone for a long country walk and wished you had someone to carry the picnic basket, camera, bottles of water, and other items essential for the enjoyment of a hike?

Whilst staying at our house in Olmi Cappella with our grandchildren, we discovered that you can hire a much loved and cosseted donkey to join you on your walk and carry all your belongings - including a small child if you like. Ours was called Sirocco, which means hot wind and gave rise to quite a few jokes!

You collect the donkey (or donkeys if you have a big party) complete with traditional luggage rack and leading rope, and set off on one of the many suitable walks that the owners will suggest. You could for example walk down to the river Tartagine, tie up your four legged friend, and sit and enjoy a leisurely picnic before sauntering back. The only disadvantage is that donkeys do like to stop and taste the plants and flowers growing along the footpaths, so be prepared for a slow relaxed pace!

Walking with donkeys is an unforgettable experience if you are staying either at our house Casa Altiani, or with our friends Antonia and Francois at Antonia’s chambre d’hote. If you happen to be staying with Antonia, for a little extra she will make you a copious picnic for your excursion, and as the former chef of the renowned restaurant 'La Tornadia' you can be sure it will be absolutely delicious!

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