Thursday, 30 April 2009

Restaurant l'Ambata, Propriano

I don’t see Vanessa that often, so when we bumped into each other in the post office and she suggested lunch, it seemed like the perfect excuse to catch up and do something fun! We were torn between the No Stress Café and the l’Ambata, but I was really keen to have a Pizza, and the l’Ambata has a wood burning pizza oven so there was never any contest really.

It was a beautiful day – nearly 20 degrees – so we decided to sit on the terrace overlooking the port. The restaurant was quite busy for a mid-week lunchtime, but that’s always a sign that the food is good too.

I decided on a Pizza Quattro Formaggi (4 cheese) which was absolutely delicious; thin crispy base and not at all skimpy on the cheese, so just like those you get in Italy. Not good for the diet, but very good for the morale! Vanessa went for the healthier option of smoked salmon with citrus segments but then had to help me finish off the pizza, just to be polite! All in all, not bad for 30 euros including drinks and coffees.

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