Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Restaurant 'Le 20123', Ajaccio

We are often contacted by journalists looking for new angles about Corsica so I have recently been researching stuff for a food and drink article, and discovered the restaurant 20123.

Jan was the one who mentioned it to me initially as she’d eaten there years ago and said although the idea was a bit kitsch, the food was fab. Apparently, the restaurant was created by a family who originally come from the village of Pila Canale just south of Ajaccio (postcode for the village is 20123, hence the name of the restaurant). They wanted to recreate their village in the centre of town, and that’s exactly what they have done, complete with grocery shop and water fountain!

The emphasis at the restaurant 20123 is on time gone by, so you eat traditional Corsican food made from recipes handed down from generation to generation, accompanied by traditional Corsican singing all in a unique setting where guests are treated like family and friends rather than customers. They are also featured in a number of good food guides so that’s a good sign too!

I have never come across anything quite like this before and I am desperate to try it out, but at this time of year they are only open in the evenings so as Ajaccio is just over an hours drive from Propriano, it’s not really feasible. However, a friend of mine has an apartment for rent just about 10 minutes walk from the centre, so I might try to persuade her and a couple of others that we need a girly night out in Ajaccio…

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