Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Calvi Citadel - step back in time!

Calvi Citadel must be one of the most visually striking places on the island, surrounded by ancient buildings, steeped in history, and absolutely breathtaking panoramic views of the bay and the port.

I was very excited about staying in Apartment Mattéo, with its pretty white bedroom and superb views from the open-plan sitting/dining/kitchen area, which I found equally stunning in the sunshine, with the little boats clustered together on the blue water of the port, and at night, when the lights of the port and the town sparkle like jewels in the water. You seem to be stepping back in time as you enter the beautifully restored apartment building, with its original central staircase (although care should be taken when descending the staircase, as the original steps have been retained and some do slope slightly).

I thoroughly enjoyed exploring the winding streets of the Citadel and discovering several different places to join the cobbled road which winds down to the town - this is fairly steep and uneven, and although I certainly didn't find it a problem, and would have managed it in under ten minutes (downhill, anyway) if I hadn't had to keep stopping to take in yet another stunning view.

On reaching the bottom you have the thrill of discovering all the delights that Calvi has to offer, with its winding streets full of quaint shops, lively restaurants and bars along the port, reminiscent of a mini St Tropez, and the beautiful white beach, fringed with pine trees.

I decided to try a small restaurant/bar near the apartment one evening and while enjoying my meal and taking in the view from the small patio outside, I was enchanted by the traditional Corsican two-part harmony singing coming from inside the restaurant.

Afterwards I spent a long time just drinking in the view from one of the many vantage points, finding it hard to tear myself away. I was there on my own, but I can imagine no more romantic place for a honeymoon.

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