Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Baracci & Vitricella

Well as it was Wednesday and I worked over the Easter bank holidays, I thought I'd take a proper day off today. I think today has been the best so far this year weather-wise so I just couldn't resist making the most of it; glorious sunshine, clear blue skies, lots of degrees and no wind - superb!

How pretty is this? It was just like a woodland walk but is actually the path behind Baracci beach. Unfortunately there were some very inconsiderate people in the spot I wanted and it was unexpectedly windy so Vitricella (below) was better.

For me, this is one of the best photos I have taken of Corsica. Of course there is a story attached because to get to this beach there is a little public footpath and steps that lead down the cliff, but the guy who lives next door to the path has put a high wooden gate so people think it is private property. Naughty...

Sea monsters - help!! I've also decided to start a circus school - an idea originally inspired by Anne P but cemented this afternoon when we managed to teach Guillaume and Elise to do galipettes (forward rolls). It was lucky that the beach sloped downwards as I think gravity helped!!

OK, that's your lot for today and don't forget that I love to see your photos too...

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