Thursday, 3 September 2009

Vasques de Solenzara (natural rock pools)

The Vasques de Solenzara are a collection of rocks pools in the Solenzara River, separated in part by round white rocks and a series of small waterfalls.

It was hard to imagine that we were actually in the heart of the mountains here. The first section we came to even had a sandy beach, but there were quite a few people swimming, sunbathing and snoozing in the shade of the huge parasol pines that line the banks of the river, so we decided to continue a bit further.

We found the most amazing swimming spot with turquoise green water, and I was seriously tempted to jump right in, but it was incredibly deep and I could see an accident just waiting to happen so we decided to carry on a little further.

Soon after we spotted the perfect place which was a shallow pool, (just about waist height at its deepest point) where we could just bask in the water and admire the view. I wanted to walk upstream a little further, but it was almost impossible to walk on the big round rocks without fear of breaking an ankle, so in the end I had to admit defeat.

It wasn’t long before Guillaume found a rock to jump off giving us all some heart stopping moments, but the water was deep enough with sand on the bottom so that he couldn’t come to any real harm.

We got a couple of fabulous action shots before it got too hot and we had to call it a day. I shall definitely be back as this was a wonderful spot.

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  1. Je peux dir que sont tres jolie
    Very fine blog and photos
    Agapitos from Greece