Monday, 28 September 2009

Corsican logic - slightly skewed...

Today saw me bombing along the road from Pianottoli-Calderello to Sartène at slightly more that the legal speed limit, with the wind in my hair and a dodgy 70’s disco anthems CD blaring out in the sunshine. I thought I’d got lucky when the handsome bloke in an ongoing car flashed his lights at me, but all became clear when I spotted the two ‘flics’ (motorbike policemen) hidden behind the hedge ready to pounce.

Luckily I’d slowed to a sensible speed which gave me more time for my mind to wander on the way home and I was reminded of another instance of ‘Corsican logic’ that occurred last year – the names in this one have been changed to protect the guilty.

I was chatting to – let’s call him Jim – who was very upset because his best friend had been fined and got some points on his licence for speeding on the ‘A Balanina’ in north Corsica. This is a very long straight stretch of road so it’s tempting to put your foot down, but it’s also very dangerous which is why there are nearly always ‘flics’ ready to make up their quota of fines. Apparently, his friend – lets call him Jeff – was very miffed as he has a very responsible job and really shouldn’t have blotted his copy book. You can see how Jeff would be upset, but apparently his wrath was aimed not at the policemen for stopping him, or himself for being caught but at ‘Les Continentaux’ (the French tourists coming the other way) who should have flashed their lights to let him know the police were there!

You can’t really argue with logic like that...

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