Friday, 11 September 2009

Lunch at Villa Carpe Diem

It has been a week of eating out and today was no exception, as I’d been invited for lunch with some friends at their villa across the bay, Carpe Diem.

Serge is a keen fisherman, and he’d prepared for us a mighty feast starting with fish soup made from fishes he’d caught, served with home made rouille (garlic mayonnaise) made by Patricia. To properly appreciate fish soup, you rub a clove of raw garlic onto toast, cover it with rouille and grated cheese and then pour over the hot fish soup. It sounds a bit odd until you’ve tried it, but it is absolutely delicious.

Patricia & Edwina (the men were talking gadgets by then!)

The main course was squid stuffed with scallops, prawns and spinach cooked in a tasty tomato sauce and served with rice. The ‘calamars’ were huge and I was worried I wouldn’t get through all of mine, but I made a valiant effort and ended with a clean plate like everyone else! There was some slight amusement when Patricia warned us to look out for the cotton she’d used to seal the squid and I was convinced I’d eaten mine along with the squid, but luckily it was still there masquerading as some rice!!

Patricia is very keen on organic produce and you know you’ll always eat well at their table because nearly everything is grown in their garden or caught by ‘Le Capitaine’. We finished with a delicious gateau, figs from the garden and a home made limoncello digestif. Patricia also has pineapple and banana trees in her garden, but we were too late in the season for those.

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