Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Man the lifeboats!

One of my walking buddies is going home on Thursday, so yesterday we decided to reward ourselves with a coffee on the port after a circuit of the Chemin des Plages. We weren’t sure whether to go to ‘Le Napoleon’ or ‘Le Royal’ – a choice that was made harder now that they have both been redecorated and I can’t tell which is which!

We settled into ‘Le Royal’ (or perhaps it was the Napoleon...) for a gossip and a big dose of caffeine when a siren went off. No one took much notice until it happened again a few minutes later. Eventually, a couple of the port staff ran towards the lifeboat and jumped on, but it still didn’t go anywhere. We were convinced it was a training drill until a bloke in an apron came running from one of the restaurants and jumped on board. Obviously he had to finish the crêpe order before he could embark on his life saving mission!!

By now, I was slightly concerned that someone was in real danger and not a lot was happening, but after a quick round of kissing each other hello (presumably there might not be time later), they shot across the bay whilst the big lifeboat was performing a complicated 54 point turn to get out of the port. Surely whoever allocated parking should give the coastguard one nearer to the entrance of the port. I shall have to make some new placards to protest that!

Moral of the story folks, always wear your waterwings just in case it’s lunchtime and the lifeboat men are busy cooking, or the ones who used it before didn’t park it properly!!

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