Thursday, 11 June 2009

Moriani Plage

I was actually on my way to Erbalunga, but I’d been in the car for a while and was seriously peckish so I decided to stop at Moriani Plage to stretch my legs and raid the local bakers.

Even though it was a bit hazy, I thought it’d be nice to walk along the waterfront and work off some of the calories from my yummy brioche au sucre, so I turned right and followed signs for the municipal parking and the sea. I wandered down to the Esplanade ‘A Vigna’ where there is a collection of cafés and restaurants lining the beach. This is an ideal spot for a leisurely lunch and it’s a shame it faces east because the sunset over the sea would be magnificent.

The beach here is a very fine, grey – almost volcanic – sand which is great for sand castles but it does get everywhere so my shoes were full within just a couple of steps! There were a surprising number of people on the beach for 9am considering the haze, and the cafés were already busy with early bird breakfasters, so after a quick shot of caffeine I was on my way again.

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