Thursday, 11 June 2009


I spotted Miomo whilst I was on the way to Erbalunga but all the parking spaces along the roadside were taken (it was lunchtime), so when I saw the parking sign at the edge of the village, I decided to stop on the way back and take a look.

The tower is relatively ‘twee’ compared to most, and I suspect more decorative than functional, as it is about half normal height and almost perfectly preserved. The beaches here are less picturesque than the sandy ones in other areas, but nonetheless very striking. Miomo beach is pebbles which coupled with the Bizzy Lizzies that have been planted everywhere, made me feel like I was back in England! The pebbles are actually very attractive; round and flat, and their grey colour gives the sea an unusual green/blue tint, different to the colour you get with sand.

The village itself was quite busy, and all the trees seemed to be covered in posters for various activities such as a treasure hunt, new DJ in town and even the chance to join in restoring old footpaths. There is obviously a lot more to this small village than first meets the eye.

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