Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Plage Roc e Mar

After waking up to snow capped mountains opposite yesterday, it’s amazing that today the weather was absolutely glorious, and whilst not really hot enough to sunbathe, there was no wind at all, so it was lovely and warm sitting on the beach in the sunshine.

During my recent walks along the Grande Corniche, I’d spotted a little path leading down to the beach next to the hotel Roc e Mar. Ordinarily, this is private access for the residents of the hotel, but as it is now closed, I thought I’d explore a bit...

What I’d forgotten was that section of the coast is basically a cliff with sandy coves at the bottom, so not ideal with my gammy knee, but the views through the pines was stunning, and it wasn’t long before I’d settled myself on the sand below.

It’s amazing that from above, the water here looks green rather than blue, but down at sea level, the beach isn’t quite so impressive as some of the others in the area. That said, it was deserted and with hardly a ripple across the water, I could have quite happily stayed for a couple more hours. Sadly, work was calling...

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