Thursday, 4 November 2010

Plage du Lido

Who’d have thought the temperature would be up in the 20’s in November? Not me, that’s for sure, so I was slightly caught out this morning when I went out walking in a long sleeved t-shirt!

Luckily, today is my day off, so as it’s so nice, I decided to head to the beach. We are still suffering from the petrol refinery blockades on the mainland – no diesel and unleaded rationed to 30 litres – so being sensible for once, I decided to stay close to home and conserve my fuel.

The nearest beach is the Plage du Lido. In the summer it is busy with families as well as those looking for a bit more going on as there is a beach volley ball ‘pitch’ as well as an area for football and a smattering of beach bars with Caribbean style parasols selling delicious homemade ice cream. Today, I had the place all to myself...

What I love about this beach, especially in the mornings, are the colours. The waters are relatively shallow and so clear that you can see all the barnacled rock plates just below the surface, so the combination of rock and sand gives a beautiful turquoise sea (‘turchese’ to show off, as I have been learning some Corsican!).

After a while a strange 'person' arrived and started digging through the sand with what looked like a soup ladle. It did seem rather odd behaviour, but then he/she was also wearing a parka jacket in the heat so I decided to move myself behind the hotel to another beautiful little cove.

In the summer, no matter what time of day you arrive, this bit has always been bagged as it’s so pretty and protected by the rocks on which the hotel is built, so even when there is a breeze, it is quite calm here.

Today I sat in the sun and fully intended to read my book but I just shut my eyes for a moment...

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